Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is intelligence demonstrated by machines, like the natural intelligence displayed by humans. Colloquially, the term “Artificial Intelligence” is often used to describe machines (or computers) that mimic intellectual functions which are associated with the human mind, such as “learning” and “problem-solving”. AI as a concept has been in existence since the 1950s. It is the availability of inexpensive and efficient technology resources in conjunction with extensive historical contextual data that makes it more viable in recent days. Following are four key components of AI:

Components of AI









Industries, especially Fintech and healthcare, have adopted AI to automate and enhance various internal and external processes. Experts believe AI will add nearly $16 trillion to the global economy by 2030, and 20 % of companies surveyed have already implemented AI in their organization.

AI In Fintech

Challenges and Solutions

How HEXANIKA Leverages AI

AI Components

  1. Data Profiler​
  2. Rules Predictor
  3. Mapping Predictor


  1. Ingestion Engine​
  2. Rules Engine​
  3. Cascading Rules Engine​

High ROI

  • Enables Automation
  • Enables Consolidation

Technology Ease

  • Easy Adaption
  • Configurable
  • Platform / Infrastructure Agnostic


  • Secure​
  • Up to Date​


  • Easy to change /update
  • Scalable​
  • Leverages advanced technologies: AI / ML​

How SmartJoin Leverages AI

SmartJoin leverages AI significantly to automate the data management process with proprietary patented algorithms.
Our vision is to build an autonomous car for data management.

We also recommend clients to leverage open source libraries when available. This is not to reinvent the wheel. The open source libraries are cost effective and at the same time efficient. Our solutions integrate and leverages open source AI driven model libraries like Python, R, and others. Please look at our solutions in SmartPlace market place.

To know about how we can help leverage AI for your business