HEXANIKA provides customers with innovative and self service data solutions to address various data challenges such as data quality, governance and cost of data management. Out of the box and ready to use patented algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data are leveraged.
SMARTJOIN provides lower cost of ownership to clients by leveraging open source technology. Heterogeneous, manual, fragmented and complex data management (sourcing, ingestion, aggregation, consolidation, etc.) and reporting processes get automated and consolidated. Thus, the business processes become effective and efficient.

Industry Challenges and HEXANIKA Approach

Are you facing any of the following challenges?


  • Do you have high volumes of data coming into your system from disparate sources?
  • Is your team spending a significant amount of time in data collection and management processes?
  • Is your business team demanding data more often?
  • Do you face challenges to easily access business and technical metadata? (Source files, transformation, business rules, file lineage, etc.)
  • Are you facing systematic data quality issues?
  • Do you have issues around – auditability, transparency and lineage?


  • Are you struggling to manage current data processes using legacy technology?
  • Are you using multiple software products for your data management and analytical purposes?
  • Do you need end-to-end auditability and traceability of your data for business and regulatory purposes?


  • Do you spend significant resources and time to address data management operations?
  • Are your data management process highly manual and could use advanced technologies to automate and consolidate these processes?

Need a platform for your data management challenges that fits in your process and budget?

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Automate & Consolidate Your Processes

Large European Bank



Resource Savings
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Data Auditability

SmartJoin’s robust, scalable and technology agnostic architecture enables HEXANIKA to offer industry focused out of the box solutions.
This solution marketplace is called SmartPlace.

HEXANIKA’s platform and solutions enable end-to-end approach that automates and consolidates processes and helps institutions get:

60% Savings

Development Cost, Licensing Fees & Time


Data Lineage & Process Automation


Faster Time To Reporting


Faster Time To Build