HEXANIKA is a product company and we look to collaborate/partner with firms to reach out to a large spectrum of clients. These partners are segmented below:

Integration Solutions Providers
Integration Solutions Providers

Firms that assist clients in the integration of their disparate data.

Challenges clients face with data integration:
  • Several points of data creation
  • Multiple streams through which data is normally sourced into a source system / core system.
  • Bulky and expensive technologies
Solutions provided by Hexanika
  • A nimble architecture to enable system integration with core systems and data warehouse / data lake.
  • Make data management simple, smart and efficient
  • End-to-end data lineage
Current Partners         AWS Hexanika
Infrastructure Provider

Firms that provide infrastructure solutions to their clients. 

Challenges clients face with infrastructure:
  • Multiple Technologies 
  • High Cost 
  • Large Human resources 
Solutions provided by Hexanika

HEXANIKA along with its partners enables its clients to deploy and manage the innovative  platforms and solutions efficiently and effectively. By combining strategic partnerships with infrastructure providers and incorporating a truly scalable and flexible architecture, HEXANIKA platforms and solutions can be easily incorporated as per client preference in cloud or on premise.

Current Partners
Consulting /
Implementation Partners
Consulting / Implementation Partners

Firms that help clients with consulting, strategy and the implementation of solutions for specific business problems. 

Challenges clients face with implementation: 
  • Multiple technologies 
  • High cost 
  • Lack of skilled resources (SME and technical expertise) 
  • Strategic approach to business problems 
Solutions provided by HEXANIKA: 

HEXANIKA, as part of its strategy, works with consulting firms to amplify the customer’s process to adopt and implement best-in-class technology platforms and solutions. With a strategic vision, implementation partnership enables clients to onboard HEXANIKA’s platforms and solutions effectively and efficiently with their preferred vendors. 

Current Partners
Solution Development Partner
Solution Development Partner

Organizations that have identified a key business issue that can be resolved using cutting-edge innovative technology solutions. 

Challenges With Solution Development: 
  • High cost to build new solutions
  • Lack of skilled resources (SME and technical) 
  • Implementation of new technology in the existing architecture complex 
Solutions provided by HEXANIKA: 

HEXANIKA solutions have been built keeping in mind the different opportunities where innovative technology can be harnessed to deliver value to the end customer from varied industry, geography and one that fits in any architecture or platform. Using the SMARTJOIN platform to build customized solutions for your business, HEXANIKA’s AI-enabled SMARTBUILD platform is available to its clients and partners.

HEXANIKA is actively looking for Subject Market Experts (SME) and organizations requiring a customized solution to be created as per their clients’ requirement. These solutions are offered as part of SMARTPLACE, our solutions marketplace to provide accelerated Go-To-Market and revenue.

Reseller & Distributor
Reseller & Distributor

Organizations that are involved in the sales process with key industries like BFSI and healthcare. 

Need for reseller & distributor: 
  • Long sales cycle & multiple decision makers 
  • New technology disrupts the existing framework and systems
Solutions provided by HEXANIKA: 

To accelerate outreach to the market, HEXANIKA in collaboration with its partners offers its platforms and solutions to its clients through vendors and distributors specializing in various industry segments. As a reseller and distributor, HEXANIKA platforms and solutions can be made available to various industries to make business process simple, smart and efficient. 

Current Partners

Advantages to Partners

Revenue accelerator

  • Cross-sale
  • Up-sale
  • Resell
  • Distribute
  • White label

Innovation acceleration

Access to continuous IP driven innovation


Certified Solution Integrator / Manager to enable partners to get trained on HEXANIKA platform and solutions to assist its clients

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About our Current Partners



  • Integrator
  • Reseller & Distributor
  • Support – Level1 & Level 2

With the objective to simplify regulatory compliance and provide significant savings to financial institutions, HEXANIKA and FIS have collaborated to create an Enterprise Regulatory Reporting Solution. The solution is an amalgamation of HEXANIKA’s innovative AI-based regulatory solution integrated with FIS’ best-in-class systems.

The relationship with FIS began with HEXANIKA’s selection in the VC FinTech Accelerator program that is powered by FIS. HEXANIKA successfully completed the program in Little Rock, Arkansas in Aug 2016 and it helped HEXANIKA build relationship with FIS.

Please read about the launch at American Banker (FIS FinTech Program Launch):

HEXANIKA is also part of the FIS High Potential (HiPo) Partner Network, which comprises of FinTechs that demonstrate significant strength in developing solutions that disrupt and fit a strategic need within financial markets. As a HiPo partner, HEXANIKA and FIS have collaborated to enable faster adoption of the solution while also giving clients the following benefits:

    • FIS Product Number: A14395​
    • Enable adoption of cognitive technologies in regulatory compliance to reduce cost of compliance up to 40% and more.
    • Gain latest intelligence and cutting-edge insights
    • Enable proactive detection and response to regulatory, political and market changes through comprehensive research and analysis

The adoption of HEXANIKA and FIS technologies help banks reduce cost of compliance by up to 40% and more while gaining 100% data lineage and cutting-edge intelligence and insights on their data.

ibm logo

HEXANIKA-IBM Partnership

  • Infrastructure – Mainframe
  • Reseller & Distributor

IBM is the global leader in information technology and a provider of innovative AI solutions to various industries. HEXANIKA in collaboration with IBM brings innovation to financial services by creating an end-to-end solution such as regulatory reporting, compliance, revenue management and other. The objective is to automate, consolidate and standardize solutions to make is Simple, Smart and Efficient using infrastructure and other resources from IBM. The HEXANIKA solution on IBM Z enables easy adoption of innovative AI-based automation on mainframe.

Leverage IBM Z for Optimized Compliance & Regulatory Reporting

leverage ibm-z

HEXANIKA’s partnership with IBM is going from strength to strength and has been showcased at events like IBMInterconnect2017, IBMTHINK 2017, 2018 & 2019.

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  • Consulting Partner
  • Reseller & Distributor

Synpulse is an established, globally active management consulting company that offers its clients excellent solutions enabling them to generate added value. As a consulting partner for HEXANIKA solutions, Synpulse teams globally enable banking and financial institutions by providing strategic consultation for their risk and regulatory practices leveraging HEXANIKA’s innovative technology.


HEXANIKA and Synpulse have collaborated on multiple occasions to showcase how innovative technology can enable simpler processes and deliver insights. The HEXANIKA solution was showcased as part of Synpulse Ecosystem Partner at the Synpulse Annual Summit 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Gladclif Consulting

  • Consulting Partner

Gladclif Consulting has been in the banking space, supporting Internal Audit, Risk Management and Compliance teams with staff augmentation, project execution and data analytics. Our Partnership enables the use of advanced technologies to take the data-driven internal audit to the next level. With this data-driven approach, we aim to continue to: 

  1. Increase Trust in the auditing process by providing greater transparency, 
  2. Better Efficiency: Enable use of most advanced technologies so that Auditors can be in control of technology without knowing any coding 
  3. Operational Excellence: Automate and empower chief audit executives to get better operational efficiencies to be more of a business partner to the organization 
HEXANIKA + Gladclif Partnerhsip