Leverage HEXANIKA's Product Engineering Capabilities to Build Customized Solutions

AI-Driven Accelerated Custom Solution Accelerator

HEXANIKA’s goal is to enable innovative technologies like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to help institutions either to increase revenue or reduce cost, or both. HEXANIKA’s combines its proprietary end-to-end data management platform SmartJoin with product engineering capabilities for “faster, better and cheaper” build of customized solutions.


People & Technology


Have you been able to leverage innovative technology such as AI & Big Data in cost effective way?


Do you find it difficult to find and sustain resources with expertize of technologies such as AI, Big Data to help you build and maintain solutions?


Do you find it difficult to migrate from clunky and expensive legacy technologies to easy and less expensive new edge advance technologies?


Do you find it difficult to keep your resources up to date in a fast and dynamic technology environment?

Cost & Time


Does budget ever become a constraint to build a customized solution to solve your business problem?


Do you want to build a custom solution with faster go to market?


Have you thought of converting your cost into revenue?


Is maintaining and updating a custom solution a huge business challenge?

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Proven Benefits


Boost development-speed by up to 50% and more.

  • Self Service
  • SDLC Accelerator
  • Data Sourcing Accelerator

Easy To Adopt

Solutions can be easily adopted On-premise or On-cloud. The solution also enables multitenant Software as a Service capability in secured Cloud for faster deployment and consumption

Convert Cost To Revenue

Invest in building the solution, put it in the HEXANIKA marketplace called SMARTPLACE


Always evolving, keeping up with the latest technology advancements and new trends that are proven to add business value & build future-ready products. The build comes with embedded technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Technology Agnostic

HEXANIKA solutions are agnostic of platform or technology, enabling users to adopt it with no changes to existing technology architecture. No need to worry about right technology to use. Get the outcome faster, better and cheaper

Industry Agnostic

HEXANIKA platform is agnostic of industry type, geographical location and can be used to build specific solutions based on requirements

Easy To Use

Simple UI-based processes and dashboards making it easy to create business rules, perform data analysis and reporting

Ongoing Cost & Time

Reduces worry about maintenance

Success Stories

Fifth Largest Accounting Firm

60% Savings

Development Cost, Licensing Fees & Time

US Health Insurance Org

50% Savings

Reduced Customization Cost & Time For Report Rendering