SMARTREG is a regulatory compliance solution is on top of the SMARTJOIN platform and is aimed at institutions to help them automate regulatory compliance using Artificial Intelligence (AI).
The solution is built on the principles of reusability, flexibility and traceability. The solution provides 100% data lineage and transparency along-with cost savings of up to 40% or more.

Do you face any of the following challenges?


Complex Change Management
  • Do you face challenges in implementing reporting solutions?
  • Do you face challenges incorporating frequent regulatory changes?
  • Do you face problems managing various regulatory reporting templates and formats?
  • Is your reporting process highly manual?
  • Do you face data quality and computational issues in the reports?
  • Are you using multiple technologies to manage your reporting processes?
Fragmented Auditability/ Data Lineage
  • Do you face challenges with the broken end-to-end traceability and data lineage from the report to sources?
  • Do you have disparate data sources and processes that are hard to manage?


  • Is the process of collecting data from multiple sources time-consuming and leading to reporting complexities?
  • Do you spend significant time and effort in consolidating and preparing data for reporting?
  • Do you have a large team managing rules for generating reports?
  • Is the process of integrating new or changes to data sources expensive?
  • Do you have challenges meeting timely reporting deadlines due to higher processing time?

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SmartReg is a regulatory reporting solution that leverages SmartJoin platform capabilities of providing data. SmartReg generates
regulatory reports while maintaining 100% data lineage and traceability.

Additional Key Features

Seamless Regulatory Change Management

Unless new/additional data is required, HEXANIKA provides complete change management for regulatory reports ensuring that any regulator mandated changes to reporting rules are implemented and made available

Automated inter-intra reports reconciliation

Built on the principles of Cascading Rules and SmartReg enables financial computations sourced automatically to reports thus minimizing reconciliation errors.

CFO Attestation

Fore attestation, all the changes and underlying data can be viewed and attested.

BCBS 239 Compliant

SmartReg has built in Governance features that makes it compliant with BCBS239 regulation.

Data Governance, Risk And Controls

Regulatory Reports Library

SmartReg provides a range of pre-built regulatory reports covering several regulators / regulations and a framework to build additional reports.
Some of the regulations addressed include

  • Call Reports (FFIEC, FDIC)
  • FR Y 9C, FR2900
  • CCAR 14M / 14Q / 14A
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) / Fair Lending
  • 120+ Reports ….
  • MiFID II
  • EBA
  • FCA
  • MAS 610
  • IFRS 17
  • FSA

Please reach out if any of the reports you are looking for is missing. Reports and solutions constantly get updated. The SMARTBUILD
functionality also enables accelerated build of reports.


60% Savings

Development Cost, Licensing Fees & Time


Data Lineage & Process Automation


Faster Time To Reporting


Faster Time To Build


Faster and seamless change management and on-boarding rules and reports

100% Data Lineage & Transparency from report to sources

Timely Reporting

Make Your
Regulatory Compliance

To make your Regulatory Reporting