Revenue management and billing is a very tedious process in the insurance sector. The existing processes and underlying technology cannot meet the demands of growing data, dynamic requirements and budgetary concerns. A solution that can automate, consolidate and standardize the process is the need of the hour. Currently, a combination of many legacy disparate technology systems and a large workforce is solving this problem. HEXANIKA has built SmartBill precisely to solve these problems.


People & Technology


Have you been able to leverage innovative technology such as AI & Big Data in cost effective way for revenue management and billing?


Do you find it difficult to find and sustain resources with expertize of technologies such as AI, Big Data to help you build and maintain solutions?


Do you find it difficult to migrate from clunky and expensive legacy technologies to easy and less expensive new edge advance technologies? Is your existing system difficult to customize and scale?


Do you find it difficult to keep your resources up to date in a fast and dynamic technology environment?

Cost & Time


Does budget ever become a constraint to build a customized solution to solve your business problem?


Do you want to build a custom solution with faster go to market? Have you thought of converting your cost into revenue?


Is maintaining and updating a custom solution a huge business challenge?

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SmartBill – Current RMB (Revenue Management & Billing)


Multithreaded, Big Data (HADOOP) driven Data ingestion

Standardized Data Models for building rules with pre-defined schemas to build external and internal reports

Streamlined Auditability with automated balancing and portable dashboards for analytics


4 software applications converted in to 1 software solution

50 % reduction in IT vendor resources

Business user empowerment

How it solves the problem?

Business Outcome

Read how HEXANIKA’s SmartBill solution was used by an US-based Health Insurance Organization to get:

  1. Portable Dashboard
  2. Trend Analytics using Artificial Intelligence – Stop Loss Report
  3. Automated Balancing Of Reports
  4. Business Friendly Data Schemas