Company Profile

HEXAdecimal, representing simplification of computer’s binary language (010101) into human-friendly representation (ABCD123)

NIKA is Greek Goddess of Victory

HEXANIKA defines success as victory over data. We enable customers to reduce cost or increase revenue by leveraging patented innovative data technology

Succeed With Data

Who We Are?

Product Benefits

Outcomes Delivered

60% Savings

Development Cost, Licensing Fees & Time


Data Lineage & Process Automation


Faster Time To Reporting


Faster Time To Build

HEXANIKA Product Overview

Product Components

End To End Data Management, Analytics & Reporting Platform

HEXANIKA provides customers with innovative industry specific data solutions to address various data challenges such as data quality, governance and cost of data management. Out of the box and ready to use patented algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data are leveraged.

Heterogeneous, manual, fragmented and complex data management (sourcing, ingestion, aggregation, consolidation, etc.) and reporting processes get automated and consolidated. Thus, the business processes become effective and efficient.

Solution Marketplace For Industry Specific Solutions
  1. Banking / Financial Services / Insurance (BFSI)
  2. Life Sciences, Pharma and Healthcare

On top of the SMARTJOIN platform, HEXANIKA and, its clients and partners have built solutions that provide business outcome. The solutions come with pre-built data model, rules and reports. These solutions are envisioned with the approach to make adoption and adaption

SMARTPLACE empowers HEXANIKA’s clients and partners to access out-of-the-box AI-enabled solutions with the ability to reuse data and rules using the Cascading Data Model and Pre-Built Rules Engine.

AI-Driven Accelerated Custom Solution Development Platform

HEXANIKA is focused on enabling innovative solutions based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to the industry.  By leveraging end-to-end data management platform SmartJoin with its engineering capabilities, HEXANIKA has established SMARTBUILD, an AI-driven customized solution development accelerator.

Case studies

60% Savings Development Cost, Licensing Fees & Time

50% Savings Reduced Customization Cost & Time For Report Rendering

Deployment Options

Cloud / SaaS

Out-of-the-box HEXANIKA solutions to easily
adopt on cloud / Software as a Service (SaaS)
Continuous access to innovative technology
based on requirements
Flexible & cost-effective pricing


Easy deployment within current architecture
(noninvasive to the current system)
Platform Agnostic: Works with Mainframe,
Hadoop, Spark, etc.
Configurable and custom-solution capability

Product Innovation

HEXANIKA leverages patented technology based on Big Data architecture and patented AI-based algorithms that automate, consolidate and
standardize business processes. In addition to leveraging innovative technology, HEXANIKA’s empowers innovative culture leveraging
internal processes that reward out-of-the-box thinking.

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