Fair Lending

Fair Lending
HEXANIKA’s SMARTREG Fair Lending Solution is a unique cloud-based SaaS solution that automates compliance with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and the Fair Housing Act. The solution brings simplicity, smartness and efficiency to an ever-changing regulatory compliance environment while providing 100% easy audibility to regulators.
HEXANIKA will take the compliance burden from you, reduce more than 50% compliance cost and help you focus on your customers. To learn more please Contact Us.

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Success Stories*

Largest Core Banking Provider

More Than 50% Cost Savings For A Regional Bank


Faster Onboarding Of Data For Accounting Firm Focused On Community Banks & Credit Unions.


100% Data Audibility

* Outcome delivered to clients of SMARTJOIN and SMARTREG

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Data Sourcing Automation

  • Consumes Any Format Text, Csv Or Pdf Files And Simply Upload. The Software Will Read And Process For You.
  • Connects Easily To Source Systems For Data

Geo-coding & Mapping

  • Integration With FFIEC.Gov (Gold Standard Used By Regulators)
  • Census Bureau Files For Geo-Coding And Mapping

Data Quality Validation

  • Provides Embedded Data Quality Checks That Confirms Data Consistency, Completeness, And Accuracy.
  • Define And Apply Additional Data Quality Rules.

Benchmarking & Analytics

  • Pre-Built Analytics For Benchmarking And Scenario Analysis Vs. Integrated Industry Data.
  • AI Driven Analytics: Custom Developed Statistical Analytics And Trending Analysis, Including

Automated & Configurable Data Preparation

  • Combine, transform, aggregate, and reconcile data sets automatically.

Risk Management

  • Comprehensive Representation Of Fair Lending Risk Factors (Underwriting, Pricing, Redline, Steering, Marketing)
  • Proactive Compliance – Set Alerts And Rules That Can Provide Real Time Risks

End to End One Stop Shop Reporting

  • Reuse Same Data For Complaints Management HMDA, CRA, Risk Management And Other Regulatory Reports And Dashboards


  • Compliance with FFIEC Guidelines

Additional Customized Reporting

  • Generate or create additional custom reports and extracts in multiple formats (xlsx, csv, pdf)

100% Data Audibility

  • Visually tracks data flow from input source to the report and intermediate transformations.
  • Drill down from aggregate level to transaction level

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Pricing Plan


  • Complaints
  • HMDA – LAR + CRA
  • Risk Report (Underwriting, Pricing, Redlining, etc)
  • 12 Hr / Year Online Support

$9,990 / Year*


  • Standard Plan +
  • Visualization – Geo Coding
  • Peer Comparison Report
  • Real Time Alerts
  • 48 Hr / Year Online Support or
    Managed Services

$19,990 / Year*


  • Professional Plan +
  • Advance Analytics
  • Additional Reports
  • Integration Of Custom
  • Multi Legal Entity

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Pricing Terms & Conditions

  1. Data – 2GB / average throughout the year (If data increases, additional infrastructure charges will be levied.)
  2. Included 1000 loan applications per year Each additional application is $0.90 per application
  3. Custom Onboarding: Client onboarding will be changed additional based on T&M.
  4. Integration: For unique / custom source systems additional efforts based on availability of API and other related integration feasibilities.
  5. Support – Additional support requirements will be charged.
  6. Additional Reports: advance analytics and additional reports (where sourced data remain same)