SmartDetect is an innovative solution designed to resolve challenges within risk, compliance, vigilance and fraud detection and prevention domains.
Today many enterprises are not able to detect adverse events timely primarily because of lack of control on data. HEXANIKA has identified this as a key issue in financial services, insurance, pharma and healthcare industry. We firmly believe that leveraging technologies such as AI and Big Data is perhaps the right way of solving these issues by automating, consolidating and standardizing processes. SmartDetect suite of products has made managing many such fraud, compliance and risk issues in simple, smart and efficient way.

Some of the industry specific solutions already available are:

Financial Services




SmartDetect – Pro-AMLytics is HEXANIKA’s Solution For Monitoring, AML Reporting & Fraud that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data to improve risk detection and mitigation. Built leveraging the SmartJoin platform, the solution validates data to create look back of suspicious activity alerts, create rules to organize and normalize data and provides detailed analysis and communication of results.

Global industries have paid 27+ B in fines for non-compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and sanctions regulations since 2008. These fines are despite institutions (financial and healthcare primarily) spending significant amounts to manage their adverse event detection and transaction monitoring processes.

With rising compliance pressures from government agencies and constantly changing requirements, the challenge for most institutions is maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of fraud / adverse event detection while keeping costs in check.


Is your organization facing increased demand for frequent and complex AML risk assessments?

Do you find risk profiling challenging due to various geographies, line of business, services and customer segments?

Do you have limited data granularity for your risk assessments?

Is failure to correctly detect AML frauds leading to heavy penalties?

Is data quality and standardization for centralized analysis of fraud and crimes difficult to achieve?

Is filtering fraud behaviour and patterns through real-time analytics complex and time consuming?

Need a solution for effectively managing AML risks and reports?
Understand how SMARTDETECT ProAMLytics can help your business

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SmartDetect – Pro-AMLytics is HEXANIKA’s solution for Monitoring, AML Reporting & Fraud that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data to improve risk detection and mitigation. The solution has been built leveraging the SmartJoin platform. The solution primarily does the following:


Data Ingestion

Unstructured data from multiple data sources



Build rules on wire transaction and unstructured teller data



Build Lookback rules with appropriate parameters



Extract output data and integrate with company’s case management too

data pro-amlytics-futures


  1. Easily Ingest Heterogeneous Data from multiple data sources:
    • . Teller Data
    • . Wire Transaction
    • . Pricing
    • . Case Listing From Data Warehouse
    • . Core Banking Systems
    • . AML Systems
    • . Payments Systems
  2. Ability to organize, normalize and format data
  3. Validates and normalizes data to create pro-active analytics of suspicious activity alerts
  • Ability to create various AML rules with appropriate parameterizations to get desired results​
  • Build rules using self-service and business user friendly UI
  • Creates and recommends rules to improve false positives challenge
  • Mapping: Prebuilt data model for various products such as deposits, wire transaction and unstructured teller data


  • Ability to take output to a case management system for further investigation
  • Extract output data and integrate with company's case management too
  • Provides detailed analysis and communication of results



Smart Ingestion algorithm to filter / clean datasets and source from an existing data warehouse in any format


Diagnose and minimize false positives using AI enabled business rules engine to organize, normalize and format data


Ability to create lookback rules with appropriate parameters to get desired results


End to end data lineage

Financial Services




SmartDetect – FraudCheck is HEXANIKA’s offering for transaction & UPI fraud that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and real-time analytics using smart rules engine to detect and mitigate frauds effectively and efficiently. SmartDetect – FraudCheck enables financial institutions globally to easily create rules and checks to analyse and mitigate frauds real time.

Data Security Issues

  • Changing Fraud Patterns
  • Incorrect Flagging
  • Hacking Attack – Multiple Requests

User Awareness

  • Phishing Attacks / Emails
  • Fake communications

Fraudulent Payments


Suspicious Activity Analysis

fraud check-image

Digitization and technology have enabled customers to gain easy access to multiple ways of performing banking and other financial services. However, due to the addition of multiple ways to perform financial operations, the number of frauds has risen significantly. According to a report by Federal Trade Commission 2019:

  1. 1.4 million frauds were reported and $1.48 B frauds occurred in 2018
  2. 43% of the victims were people in their 20s
  3. $423 million frauds occurred through wire transfer



UPI Fraud Risk Management SOLUTION can analyse transactions real time


Transaction Monitoring Solutions for Post Trade Analytics


AI-enabled feedback mechanism for the case management system

fraud check-features

Understand how SMARTDETECT FraudCheck can help your business

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Process Automation

  • Time Savings
  • Cost Savings

Data Transparency

  • Easy Rules Creation
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Custom Alerts

Actionable Insights

real time-fraud

Realtime Fraud Analysis





Pharmacovigilance focuses on drug quality, medication errors and adverse drug reactions which impact the health care system by affecting a significant patient population. WHO defines pharmacovigilance as “the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding, and prevention of adverse effects or any other medicine-related problem”.
Pharma Companies must conduct a comprehensive drug safety and pharmacovigilance audit to assess their compliance with worldwide laws, regulations, and FDA guidance. However, there are several challenges with this audit as:

Case Prediction / Adverse Event Reporting To FDA For Healthcare And Lifesciences Industry

HEXANIKA leverages SMARTDETECT’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm to predict the Lowest Level Term (LLT) for input verbatims provided by a healthcare firm.


Inaccuracies In Adverse Event Identification

About 60% pharma companies find it difficult to determine Adverse Drug Events (ADE) that are reported using verbatim matching and if it hard to determine if the drug has caused it


Unstructured Data

Adverse events are reported from multiple sources like voluntarily by the patient, companies or the healthcare provider. This data from multiple sources is often unstructured and ADE workload is rising due to stringent regulatory requirements and growing unstructured data.


Multiple Sources of Data

Integration between the various systems such as the clinical trial management system (CTMS), clinical data management system (CDMS), product performance system, clinical coding application, and CRO systems is crucial for pooled data analysis. Standardization of clinical data is often a challenge as increasing amount of unstructured information ins generated from several sources, increasing the complexity in Pharmacovigilance services.

pharma vigilance-features


NLP Algorithm will identify LLTs for new case listings with some level of confidence

Keywords that are not in the dictionary will be identified using AI algorithms

Feedback mechanism will be UI driven




AI Algorithm replaces manual processes


NLP based machine learnings to predict adverse events from input verbatim

Understand how SMARTDETECT Pharmavigilance can help streamline your ADE reporting

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