Application modernization is essential for businesses to transform: 

Digital transformation becomes an absolute imperative for businesses or financial institutions when propelled by disruptive forces, resulting in a quest for innovation and driving disruption. Modernization of applications and data is inevitable for client-centric businesses. Businesses are on a journey of transformation that includes core modernization and expansion of their ecosystem. IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Center enables businesses to take a more guided approach to accelerate transformation by modernizing legacy applications and data in their existing IBM Z (or LinuxONE) environment 

HEXANIKA On IBM Z: Collaboration In Innovation  

HEXANIKA and IBM have collaborated to build an innovative solution that focuses on addressing the burning problem of compliance and regulatory reporting in financial services. With IBM, HEXANIKA is bringing innovative technology to financial institutions and help them address their regulatory compliance issues.”

HEXANIKA provides customers with innovative industry-specific data solutions by using out of the box / ready to use patented algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. Multiple disparate and manual data management (sourcing, ingestion, aggregation, consolidation, etc.) and reporting processes get automated and consolidated. Thus, the business processes become effective and efficient.  

On top of the platform, HEXANIKA and, its clients and partners have built customized industry-specific solutions that provide the business outcome. This end-to-end automated software helps institutions get 100% data lineage and transparency along with cost savings of up to 40% or more . The software is designed to operate on IBM Z platform and enables financial institutions to harness new technologies and reduce regulatory costs through process automation and consolidation.  

Leveraging cutting edge technologies such as Apache Spark analytics on z/OS, the platform not only supports regulatory compliance but also facilitates advanced analytics and simplifies the data governance process.  The architecture establishes rich runtimes as the platform is co-located with Z data and integrates with the robust security and workload management features of z systems.  This solution on z/OS can integrate optimally with Mainframe based core banking systems such as Systematics from FIS – Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. or any other core banking solution on IBM Z to provide Straight Through Processing (STP) for optimized regulatory reporting and analytics.  

Adoption of new technology on mainframe can be simple, smart and efficient- Learn how

HEXANIKA-IBM Solution Benefits 

IBM is the global leader in information technology and a provider of innovative AI solutions to various industries. HEXANIKA in collaboration with IBM brings innovation to financial services by creating an end-to-end solution such as regulatory reporting, compliance, revenue management and others. The objective is to automate, consolidate and standardize solutions to make it Simple, Smart and Efficient using infrastructure and other resources from IBM. The HEXANIKA solution on IBM Z enables easy adoption of innovative AI-based automation on mainframe. HEXANIKA has made its product more accessible to financial institutions by teaming up with IBM to plug its product directly into their Mainframe system. 

See how you can accelerate modernization with IBM Z – IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Center

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