RSM AML analytics hexanika success story

HEXANIKA was engaged by a US-based large consulting firm RSM US LLP to make their #AML analytical services more efficient and effective for their banking customers. The client approached HEXANIKA with a request to increase the #automation in their customers AML process. 
The main challenge was getting the data ready for their proprietary AML case management tool. At the onset, the process:  
1. Involved the use of many people and Excel. 
2. Was time-consuming and cumbersome.  
3. Produced data sets that were not sufficiently transformed to allow for efficient audit flagging within the case management tool. 
HEXANIKA used its SmartJoin (Data Management platform) & SmartDetect (Fraud/ Event Detection platform) to ingest the reference data and transaction data. We were able to incorporate 900+ of the complex cascading rules, which automated the data management as follows: 
1. Data Sourcing 
2. Parameter Sourcing  
3. Data Enrichment 
4. Data Standardization 
HEXANIKA was able to help the client to make this tedious and time-consuming process significantly less laborious and more efficient resulting in 50% faster on-boarding of clients for AML Analytics. 

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