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How can Banks keep up with changes in Regulatory Reporting?


It’s a vicious cycle. The economic crisis caused by the financial downturn led to regulators coming up with new reporting requirements and changes in regulatory reporting formats. Financial institutions as well as banks are now finding it harder to cope with the different regulations. Why are banks struggling? Reporting and collating a constant stream of…

Regulatory Tsunami: Financial Pain Grips Banks


As the regulatory juggernaut rolls on, the fines being currently meted out are just the tip of the iceberg. Analysts are predicting that more penalties are in store for foreign exchange manipulation and Libor-rigging; this would take the total fines levied on the banking industry above $300bn since 2010. As major institutional investors reevaluate their…

Bank of America Joins Debris of Executives in Regulatory Bind

In our last blog about the shake up at Barclays and Deutsche Bank we had asked you to watch this space. In the latest management overhaul, America’s second-biggest bank by assets, the Bank of America, is seeing off Bruce Thompson, the bank’s chief financial officer. Tough New Regulatory World: The abrupt departure is seen as stemming from…