Success Story


1. Define the target architecture for regulatory / management reporting leveraging HEXANIKA platform on Grange’s chosen Big Data infrastructure

2. Identify a set of 10 reports that will be onboarded on the HEXANIKA platform starting Q4 2018 / Q1 2019 timeframe


1. Demonstrate that the solution can ingest raw data available from below Grange Insurance source systems. Data will be provided in flat files from the following systems

a. Yellow book data that comes from Oracle eFreedom (Corporate Accounting software)

b. Northern Trust – Investment Accounting

c. Bloomberg Analytics software

2. Demonstrate that software can be used to build custom rules for data standardization and business rules for data transformation

3. Demonstrate the ability to generate the defined sub reports / sections of the overall report that are directly dependent of the Investment Team

4. Demonstrate the end-to-end lineage from the reports back to the source system/files and illustrate how end to end traceability can be used as an audit capability

Success Criteria

1. Successful execution of agreed UAT test scripts

2. Generation of the output reports with accuracy as in case of actual report (but subject to reasonable assumptions in case of non-availability of appropriate data – e.g. Bloomberg feeds)

3. Succesful showcase of implementation of HEXANIKA on the big data technology stack of choice (i.e Hortonworks), but in HEXANIKA hosted environment

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